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What They Say

Amanda Luyt is rated as one of the best Singing Instructors in Cape Town. Her ability to teach Vocal Functionality comes highly recommended by singers from all contemporary genres.

Andriette Norman

“Amanda helped me to rehabilitate my singing voice after my vocal surgery. Her knowledge on the workings of the voice is extensive. She is amazing” -ANDRIETTE NORMAN, Afrikaans adult contemporary recording and performing artist


Shen Winberg

“I’ve had 4 vocal tutors in my life, all of whom I disliked. Some too ‘operatic’ and some too classical, none of them really took what my vocal goals were and then aimed at creating that with my ideals in sight. But with Amanda Luyt I feel right at home and really know now what needs to be achieved to get what I want. The best teacher by far. Not only with the practical and theoretical expertise but also a relaxing cheerful environment in her classes. A real treat and luxury for any student who is lucky enough to share her time and tutoring.” – SHEN WINBERG, vocalist for the band SHENFM and founder of THE MODERN ROCKSTAR ACADEMY


Hunter Blue

I have been working with Amanda for the past 2 years. I refer to her as my voice doctor . Her coaching has enabled me to discover my full voice I was used to singing in a certain style and only using a certain range . With Amanda’s coaching my range has increased and my style has developed. When I now sing I feel more in control and am able to add new textures to my sound . She is a pleasure to work with , always like sunshine and coaches with visual aids , so you understand your vocal instrument . She has a passion for coaching and I intend to continue with Amanda for as long as I am based in Cape Town . She has made a huge difference in my life professionally and given me the confidence to love my voice – HUNTER BLUE – Pop Vocalist


Gerald Clark

“Amanda Luyt has helped me to get my voice back after my operation. She knows how to prescribe the right exercises for the problems at hand” – GERALD CLARK, vocalist and blues guitarist


Can Skylark

” I am particularly impressed with Amanda’s attention to detail. She does not treat me like a number. I am an individual when I am in one of her sessions. She understands that every singer is different and she embraces their uniqueness. I can now do things with my voice that I couldn’t achieve before. She has a keen sense of listening. Her passion for the voice, as instrument, drives her and it is so evident in her work ethic. I am so proud to be one of Amanda Luyt’s students. The results are superseding my expectations “- CAN SKYLARK, pop recording artist and performer


Vocal Training

Amanda has been teaching voice full time since 2008. She has been involved in the South African Music Industry for more than twenty years as performing and recording artist and is recognized among her peers as an exceptional vocalist, with two SAMA nominations for best female vocalist under her belt.  Her passion lies with the voice as functional instrument and throughout her career she has been training, researching and experimenting in different training philosophies to address vocal function in Contemporary Commercial Music (CCM) (nonclassical) styles.

She is a firm believer in continuing education and practices this by regularly attending international conferences, workshops and teaching seminars and networking on various international platforms and forums. She has traveled to the UK in 2018 where she attended the Vocology in Practice Premier Voice Teacher Education Forum. In February 2020 she visited the Deutsche Stimmklinik in Hamburg where she participated in a workshop on the Osteopathic Management of Muscle Tension Dysphonia and Associated Symptoms. This workshop was presented by Jacob Lieberman, D.O. and Prof Markus Hess. She completed Level I, II and III of Somatic Voicework™ The Lovetri Method, which was presented by the Baldwin University Community Arts School as an online course in July 2020. She has also completed the Vocal First Aid course presented by Vocal Health Education in the UK.

As a voice teacher, she is able to identify specific needs of the singer and prescribe the right training regime to create an awareness about and mastery of their voice as instrument.

Vocal Health

Amanda has an intense interest in helping singers that present with vocal problems. She attended a workshop at the Deutsche Stimmklinik in Hamburg in February 2020 to learn more about Manual Laryngeal Therapy. The course was presented by Jacob Lieberman (right), with insights from Prof Markus Hess (left).

Amanda works alongside various ENT’s and Speech Language Pathologists to help with the rehabilitation process of injured singers. Her clients include top South African vocalists. She also has access to a network of international singing voice specialists to be of further assistance.

Professional - Singer Consultations

Specialized Interventions:


As vocal athletes, professional singers have a huge demand on their instruments. Different styles require different demands on the voice and functional imbalances can occur. It is extremely important to understand how to rectify these imbalances to ensure vocal longevity. Amanda can assess and address these issues.

Laryngeal Manipulation

Voice production happens in the throat and it is normal for the structures in this area to become constricted and tense. Manual manipulation of the larynx and areas that surround it, has been proven to bring great relief and improved singing function.

Studio Recording and Tour preparation

Vocal hacks for short term results and specialized training programs to build vocal stamina.

Lesson information

Tuition is specialized to assist the contemporary singer to master the vocal techniques needed for the demands of commercial singing.

Lessons are technical and aimed at developing the voice to it’s full potential.

Not suitable for girls under 12 and boys under 16.

Beginner, intermediate, advanced and professional levels welcome.


Free Assessment – No Obligation – Free

A needs analysis will be done on the first appointment (plus minus 20 min) where I, together with the client, will assess the vocal needs and determine if I am the correct fit as teacher.

In my professional capacity as vocal coach, I aim to:
Impart knowledge and skills to empower you to manage your instrument in the most effective way.

This will include:

  • Assessing your vocal health and advising you on how to optimize it.
  • Vocal physiology and body awareness.
  • Assessing your instrument and guiding you to find pathways to optimal usage.
  • Assisting you to build vocal strength, stamina and range, demanded by commercial styles of singing, e.g.: mixing, belting.
  • Prescribing a repetition regime for you to follow in between sessions.
  • Monitoring progress.
  • Referring you to specialist coaches or health care professionals that could assist in your progress.
  • In the case of rehabilitation, working with your ENT and Speech Language Pathologist to ensure that your rehabilitation protocol is complimented by the instruction and exercises I provide.

All lessons are one on one and will consist of the following:

  • Warm-up, during which the status of the voice will be assessed.
  • Guiding you toward efficient strategies
  • Various exercises building stamina, agility, etc.
  • Applications to song.

The specific areas which will be addressed are:

  • breath management.
  • registration.
  • articulator tension.
  • resonance
  • applications to style.

Duration of Lessons
60 minutes, consisting of warm up, rehabilitation and application to actual material.

Sessions are 60 minutes in duration. Personal or Online.
Once off: R450 per lesson
2 or more lessons per month: R400 per lesson
Lessons are to be booked in advance and fees payable up front.

Package: R4500
12 x lessons @ R4500. Payable upfront. Limited amount available.

Online Short Course: R2000
10 X 30 min or 5 x 60 min lessons, payable upfront, covering the following:

  • assessment
  • anatomy
  • breathing
  • resonance
  • articulation
  • vocal health
  • registers
  • mix/belt

Tuesday – Friday: 11am – 6 pm

Sessions to be arranged according to availability of client and my schedule

Cape Town Sound, Woodstock
40 Queens Park Avenue

Salt River


Why only online?

According to a paper published by Lynn Helding, Thomas Carrol, Wendy Le Borgne and David Meyer in The Journal of Voice, 6 August, 2020, scientific studies seem to indicate that the virus is spread through particles transmitted through the air. These particles can be divided into droplets and aerosols. There are different sized particles, but it is the medium sized particles that are of concern. These particles are produced in higher proportion during speech and singing. They tend to carry a higher viral load and once in the air, their moisture evaporates and turns them into virally concentrated “droplet nuclei”. The medium sized particles are able to float for hours, find the lower airways with a higher viral load per particle, and carry a higher probability than particles of other sizes of successfully infecting a susceptible host.

It is also not known yet what the after effects of Covid-infection can be on the singer. Instances of vocal fold paresis have been found, even whilst the infected singer was a- symptomatic.

I do not have a large space studio and at this stage I am not prepared to put myself and all my clients in such a high risk situation, especially as one cannot be sure of the after effects of this illness.

Why you should try the online-option

The pandemic has forced us to seek alternative forms of continuing with our business and one of the areas that has flourished is online coaching. I have noted that a lot of folks still have pre-conceived ideas about singing lessons via this platform and feel that in person lessons are more beneficial. Personally, after 6 months of daily online coaching, I have come to really enjoy this format and all the singers who were skeptical have come to love the sessions. Due to the fact that there is a bit of a time lag, the online format allows the client to be much more aware of how the body/voice responds to the tasks given. It forces the teacher to not do all the talking and the client to be way more involved in the learning process. If you have a fibre internet connection and a space where you feel comfortable singing, this option is perfect. A bonus is that it saves time, as you don’t have to travel and you can do it in your pj’s!

Clients include:

"Many people can sing but very few sing well. To do so requires a full command or control of the voice. Unfortunately many singers acquire bad habits which prevent them from having that control. Most vocal coaches don't understand this. It takes a very special person to recognise these hurdles and then have the right tools and know-how to be able to break down the habits and rebuild or align the voice to achieve that control. Amanda Luyt is such a person. Thank you Amanda for helping me to gain that control." - Gary Naidoo 2015 (Ganarama Productions)

— Gary Naidoo 2015 (Ganarama Productions)



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